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Since I was little boy, I watched my Mother and my Grandmother Mikeska make jelly. My Grandmother Mikeska made an incredible dewberry jelly. I was amazed at how I could pick dewberries on one day and the next day we had jelly! For the last 10 years, I have used the knowledge that I gained from these great women to make my own jelly. In the mid 1980's, my dad and I planted and new plum and peach orchard next to his home. We had always had a plum and peach orchard next to our home, but the trees had become too old to produce. I have wonderful memories of Dad and I planting these trees. This year was a great year for our cherry plums. My children and I picked over 35 gallons of cherry plums. As of June 1st, I have made 45 - 8oz. jars and 35 - pint jars of my cherry plum jelly. If you are interested in this process, I have made a short Internet Documentary of my jelly making! REMEMBER, cherry plums (sometimes called sugar plums) are a rare find. They are not sold in grocery stores. You can sometimes find them at Farmer's Markets.

sterilize the jars & lids for at least 15 minutes in boiling water

separate the plums, cook only the very ripe ones, the others you can eat

prepare your equipment

prepare lids, bands and jars (make sure they stay sterile!)

cook your plums until the skin and meat separate (low simmer) and stir constantly

using a colander, strain the cooked juice from the seeds. Press the meat through the strainer and get all plum meat from the strainer

now reheat the juice on a medium burner and add your pectin or raw dextrose-citric acid mixture stirring constantly

add 7 1/2 cups of sugar to 5 1/2 cups of plum juice, do not add sugar until the juice/pectin mixture is at a full boil

bring the mixture back to a boil and boil for ONLY 1 minute stirring constantly. Then immediately remove from heat and get into jars. Here is Rudy III helping his dad before his Little League Baseball Game

it helps to have a jar funnel to get the juice into the jars

tighten the lid bands and turn the jars upside down, turn the jars over every 30 minutes

congratulations! you now have jelly..... it should set at room temperature for 24 hours before eating

I now apply our label and give to friends and other family members. Remember to refrigerate the jelly after opening


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